Thursday, March 28, 2013

National Something on a Stick Day

National Something on a Stick Day
So many wonderful things come to us on sticks….lolly pops, popcycles, candy sticks, drumsticks…so today, in honor of National Something on a Stick Day I present to you some wonderful items featuring sticks!
HAF Something on a Stick

Up Do Silver Plate Flatware Hairstick

Handmade Silverware Hair Stick
From the talented hands of BlackBirdMetalWorks comes this unusual twist on a hair stick. Made from the “stick” part of flatware, you will definitely not have to worry about anyone else having a hair stick exactly like yours.  Unique and stylish and perfect conversation starter.

Incense Burner Stick Holder Sled Peach Abalone Glass Stained Glass Red Bead

If you burn incense then you know what a mess the ash can make and how unattractive many of the burners can be.  Solution?  GlassByKat has created this stunning incense holder that looks amazing with our without the incense.  Perfect for any type of decor and completely unique in every way.

Catnip Stuffed Southern Fried Chicken Leg Cat Toy

Catnip cat toy
One of my favorite “stick” items has to be drum sticks.  But why should we get all the fun? Brought to you from the creative mind of WrapTCats, this catnip toy looks just like the real thing!  This shop is the perfect stopping point for any cat lover.

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