Friday, March 29, 2013

Backlinks - DIY for SEO

Backlinks - DIY for SEO
I’ve been trying to spend a little time each day to learn something new about SEO (search engine optimization), tags, metatags, anything to help with getting my brand out there so people will love my shop, and more importantly, purchase from my shop. I have discovered, the hard way, that the phrase “if you build it, they will come” is not true in the overwhelming world of on-line retail.  But I have discovered that I have been doing something right, and quite by accident.  I’m talking about backlinks.  Backlinks are like a back door to your site.  Think of your url address as the street side entrance to your shop, people walking down the street see your site, and come in. For a customer to know where you are located, Google search may tell them how to get there, but if you’ve ever dealt with Google maps, you know that sometimes the directions get confusing, if not downright incorrect.  That’s because the “front door” of your shop is when your shop is is linked by another site, perhaps through a blog feature or a tweet.  It’s there, constantly changing, or falling to the bottom of the page due to newer content about other sites.  But your backlinks are totally controlled by you.  Think of Google search as a busybody walking around to see what everyone is talking about, and they hear your name, a lot!  The more “she” hears your name, the higher your site will become in a search.  And backlinks are links (sometimes permanent links) that you attach to other sites.  Customers see these links on a site, and click on them to visit you.  Now, there are tricks to having good backlinks.
Handmade Link Bracelet
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First, put your links on a site that is relevant to yours.  For example, if you are selling unique, one of a kind, handmade items, you don’t want to put your link on a site that is only about…horses.  Unless you sell unique, one of a kind, handmade horse supplies.  Quality backlinks are the key here, not quantity.  Google is interested in relevancy.  Second, use a keyword phrase (not your shop name) as your anchor text, Google also likes variety.  And don’t forget that when you are adding links to your shop and items, also add links to your shop sections.  Think like a customer who is not sure what they want, but they want something.  Make them want what you have to offer.  Now, to end this long and wordy text, here are some sites where you can upload pictures and links.
It's Better Handmade LogoIt’s Better Handmade.  Thank you Kimberly for giving us yet another site to spread the word.  On Fire for Handmade.  Thank you Anne for opening this site to Handmade Artists everywhere.  Pinterest.  Yes, set up a board and load it with your own items.  Toot your own horn, and other will join in the band.  Flickr.  While you can’t link your items, per se (it’s not a selling venue), you can link to your shop in your profile.  A new place I just started to visit is Wanelo.  It’s very much like Pinterest, but more retail.  Another great opportunity is via blog hops and link up parties.  I have several on my website where you are all invited to link up.  Some have rules, some don’t, but they all are fun.On fire for Handmade
Where do you “advertise” for free?  If there is a site you use that I did not mention, please share it with the rest of us.
And Happy Selling!!

Written by Yankee Burrow Creations

So, where do you link up?

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