Monday, December 30, 2013

WORKING ARTISTS: Purple on Handmade Artists

WORKING ARTISTS: Purple on Handmade Artists: The Color Purple on Handmade Artists  Do you love purple? I do. It's the best. On one of the highlights th...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thinking Turkey Featured Highlight

Thinking Turkey Featured Highlight

Thinking Turkey Featured HighlightThinking Turkey

Featured Highlight

Harvest Celebration of Color Featured Highlight!  Today’s Featured Highlight was created by Lady Vamp Sal. Beautiful creations in Falls stunning gifts of color!.
Wonderful handmade creations put into a highlight for your viewing pleasure!
Great shops by some talented artisans. Great place to Buy and Sell handmade goodies too!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Handmade Artists Shop Site

Today I am featuring the Handmade Artists Shop Site! A Site strictly designed for Artists to sell their creations. You will find only handmade shops here and they all have truly unique and beautiful pieces in their shops!
You get a big “Bang” for your “Buck” on this Site! You Pay a flat $5.00 per month and there are no selling fees! That’s roughly 16 cents per day to sell your works of art!
Handmade Artists Site

A Great Place to Buy and Sell Handmade!

  • Handmade Artists Shops
Handmade Artists Shops is a site that is filled with exactly that! 100% handmade creations by some very talented Artisans. Great site to buy and sell strictly Handmade Creations!
Handmade Artists Blog

HA recently upgraded their servers to accommodate their growth! You will also find a Forum there where members can keep up to date on events, contests, sales and get to know one another. There is a “Chat” every Thursday night where members can get together too!

Read the full feature by clicking the link below!
Handmade Artists Shop Site