Friday, May 22, 2009

Steampunk and Chainmaille Collide!

My first steampunk piece and of course it has chainmaille.
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Full Persian Steampunk Necklace

Full Persian Steampunk Necklace
This necklace is my first attempt at Steampunk. It’s made using jewelers brass in a full persian weave. The necklace measures 22″ long as I felt the pendant should hang a little lower than normal because of the size. The pendant is the inards of a Elgin Natonal Pocket watch that has been wrapped with a 3/4 persian and some modification to hold the watch in place. The pendant is 2″ in diameter and whole piece is a weighty 5 ounces.  This piece is also reversible if you need a different look, the back of the pendant will give off a different feel dependant on where your wearing to. The clasp is a handmade hammered brass “S” clasp. As always we can re-size the necklace to your required lenght as needed. This is one of a kind piece and will not be reproduced.
Full Persian Steampunk Necklace
Full Persian Steampunk Necklace
Full Persian Steampunk Necklace

I've been featured

Pretty cool write up from The Blue Cat

Featured Artisan- Chainmaille by MBOI

The chainmaille jewelry created by the husband and wife team of Chainmaille by MBOI is truly spectacular! Their jewelry designs are incredibly intricate and detailed and yet look strong and sturdy at the same time. They work with all kinds of metals such as sterling silver and copper. The above photo is a sterling silver helm sheet bracelet which is a favorite of mine

Monday, May 11, 2009

Supporting Artists

Check out this article about supporting handmade

Artists Unite to Support Handmade

crystal-heart-pin-custom-orderWell a new movement is among us where hadnmade artists have banned together in a unified effort to support each other. Over 170  artists have joined the Handmade Artists’ Forum with more joining everyday.  One member, is a fellow mailler or this a case a femailler, Jill from Liv’nGood Jewelry who has also joined in this effort to support eah other as a community of artists. Jill does some beautiful work so check her out at her blog or Etsy Shop.

Many of you may be saying why is a chainmailler helping their competition, well I’ll tell you. I know that I’m not the only game in town selling chainmaille, their are many, but I might have something that she doesn’t sell and visa versa. So instead of competing against each other we are keeping our customers educated about what is available out there.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Art and Handmade speak the same language

I like this post about bring handmade artists together and unifying the industry

Creativity crosses all language barriers

I was browsing the web and came across the artist Marie-Michele of Mademoiselle M I’m guessing she’s French. All I know is the the jewelry crossed all language barriers, were beauty was just beauty. I think that as a handmade artist we should embrace each others work and support our fellow artisans. That’s one reason that we started the Handmade Artisan Forum and we are quickly finding out that artists around the world want to speak to each other and support each other. It’s been interesting to watch and read the conversations and see language barriers being crossed by the love of Handmade Creative Art.

Stop by the forum and support Handmade.