Monday, March 30, 2009

Celtic Star Chainmaille Bracelet

This Celtic Star bracelet is really a sleek design with a celtic visions or celtic dreams chain, depending on who you talk to the name changes.

Sterling Silver Celtic Star Bracelet

celtic-singleThis sterling silver Celtic bracelet made of hand cut rings and combined to create a masterpiece. Measuring 7.5 inches from clasp to clasp, this piece features a Celtic Star measuring 1″ and held together with a chain version of celtic dreams weave. The bracelet is held secure with a sterling silver lobster clasp. If you like this design check out our Triple Celtic Design.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chainmaille By MBOI

Well since we just joined I'd figure I'd tell you a little about us and what we do and who we are.         

MBOI is made up of my wife Kimberly ( The President, CEO, Controller, Painter, Mailler, and Creative
Superpower) who is currently in the process of finishing her teacher degree, and Andrew ( Stock boy
and Mailler ) who is a Senior Estimator for a Heavy Construction Company which is based in New Jersey.
We have 2 boys who keep us running all the time.
We currently reside in Point Pleasant, NJ which is a small beach town on the Jersey Shore.

When creating our chainmaille jewelry and various items we start with raw wire and coil and saw cut our
own rings.
We work in various metals also, so if you see something you like but would rather have it in a different
metal just let us know. We work in sterling silver, copper, bronze, anodized aluminum, enameled copper,
and bright aluminum.
Custom orders are always encouraged, if you have an idea of something special you would like to have
made just Contact Us and we’ll work out the details.

Andrew & Kimberly

Chainmaille By MBOI 

Makin The Best Of It

Kimberly and Andrew

Chainmaille Kit and Tutorial for the Byzantine Weave

This is a complete kit to make a Byzantine Bracelet in a variety of metals. You can also just download the tutorial. Pretty cool, check out the full article.

Byzantine Kit and Tutorial


This tutorial is a detailed step by step on how to make a Byzantine chainmaille weave. We have painstakingly made these instructions so that a beginner will be able to go through without a problem. The tutorial is full of pictures which graphically guide you through each step. We will offer full support for any questions you may have while working on your piece. The downloadable file is in PDF format, if you don’t have a PDF reader you can download it for free.

Our kits will have enough rings in it to make a nine inch bracelet with a couple extra just in case you have a mistake.  The rings will all be polished and smooth and of the utmost of quality, if you don’t want your rings polished just let us know by adding a note a checkout. The kit will also contain the tutorial and a lobster clasp. You will need two pair of pliers to construct your bracelet, the pliers are obviously not included.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Byzantine Cubed Design By MBOI

Although the elements of this design aren't unique the way the components were put together definately are unique, Kimberly has outdone herself again.

Copper Byzantine Cubed Bracelet

Copper Byzantine Cubed BraceletThis byzantine bracelet  measures 7.5″ in length and is separated by 4 Japanese 8 & 2 cubes. The cubes are separated by 6mm indian agates. The cubes and agate are strung on copper wire so that they can move freely on the piece for those of you who like to play with your jewelry. This piece is held secure with a handmade “S” clasp.

This peice is can also made in sterling silver, check out a similar necklace and earrings in sterling.  Just contact us if your interested in a necklace and earring to match this bracelet, all sets will be discounted.

Copper Byzantine Cubed Bracelet
Copper Byzantine Cubed Bracelet
Copper Byzantine Cubed Bracelet

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Byzantine Cubed!

This byzantine necklace has a twist!

Sterling Silver Byzantine Cubed Necklace

By Andrew • Mar 9th, 2009 • Category: Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling Silver Byzantine CubedWell Kimberly came up with another beautiful design this byzantine necklace measures 21″ in length and is centered by 3 Japanese 8 & 2 cubes. The cubes are separated by 10mm black jade rounds. The center pendant is definitely the focal point of this piece; the jade and sterling cubes are strung on a sterling silver wire so that they can move freely on the piece for those of you who like to play with your jewelry. While this necklaces measures 21″ it hangs more like an 18″ chain because of the bar style pendant the additional length was necessary. This piece is held secure with a sterling silver toggle clasp. We will size your necklace to your choosing at no additional cost. Kimberly has designed matching earrings and photos will be posted soon.

img_1125    Sterling Silver Byzantine Cubed   Sterling Silver Byzantine Cubed

Order Sterling Silver Byzantine Cubed Necklace Purchase Price @ $150.00

Shipping Rate: A


Friday, March 6, 2009

Hot Margarita Set , Hand Painted

Definatly would look good out on the deck

Hibiscus Margarita Set

Hibiscus Margarita Pitcher
Hibiscus Glasses Red/Yellow

Get a jump on summer!  Bright hibiscus flowers in red/orange, yellow, white and purple surround this oversized pitcher just waiting to be filled.  The set includes 4 margarita glasses that have each been uniquely hand painted with a different color flower pattern.  This set also includes a salt tray (not pictured) to rim your glasses.

All my glassware is painted using heat cured enamel paint for durability. This heat process makes the glassware safe in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Have a design idea? Let me know your vision and watch it come to life as a special order.

Want to add to the drama? How about an entire table service in the same pattern? Salt and pepper shakers, cream and sugar set, gravy boat, cruet set, butter dish, and coffee mugs. All featuring any pattern you choose.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Auction

Chainmaille By MBOI along with several other jewelers have donated item to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Go to Triage From Home to veiw the items and bid, all the proceeds go directly to helping breast cancer. The auction ends March 17, 2009 at 12 noon.

Just a side note Kimberly my partner in crime with MBOI lost her grandmother to breast cancer in 2003 this was a very tough thing to go through as you can imagine as her grandmother was an intregal part of her upbringing in Montana. Her grandmother honestly is directly responsible for our business starting as she got Kimberly involved in crafts at a young age.

Anyway, please go and support this cause.


Andrew & Kimberly

Chainmaille By MBOI

cosmic1cosmic2Poppy from Groovy Glass Girl donated this pendant. This piece is fused dichroic glass surrounded by hammered copper that has been finished with a dark patina. Artist Poppy Adams uses traditional stained glass techniques combined with metalwork & fused glass to create one of a kind, unusual jewelry pieces.

Poppy will ship this item anywhere in North America.

Temptation Pendant

temptationpendantKathryn from Lazy Daisy Glass in the UK has donated this gorgeous handmade Dichroic Glass Pendant, on an 18″ sterling silver chain. Made of Bullseye art glass and genuine dichroic glass, many of the jewellery items are exclusive designs, therefore no two pieces will ever be the same.

Kathryn will ship this item anywhere.
Hot Pink Aluminum Half Persian 4 and 1 Bracelet

4in1-aa-pink-on-hand-backAndrew from 4in1-aa-pink-on-bottle-close-up1Chainmaille By MBOI kindly donated this really cool pink chainmaille aluminum bracelet.

Andrew’s wife Kimberly lost her grandmother to breast cancer, so this is a cause that hits close to home for them.

Andrew will ship this item anywhere.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music and Champagne

Where can you go wrong with music and champagne glasses.

Music Dreamers Champagne Flute Set of 4

Music Lovers champagne Close Up
Music Lovers champagne Set
Music Lovers champagne

Set the mood! Champagne, music, candles-You can kill two birds with one stone with these champagne glasses.

These flutes measure 9 inches tall and have a clear bowl and black stem and base. The flutes have been hand painted with a wavy piano keyboard encircling the bowl.

The paint is heat cured enamel that is safe in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Custom orders are always welcomed! Just choose a glass (I have a few more of this style) and your pattern and watch your vision come alive.