Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chainmaille By MBOI

Well since we just joined I'd figure I'd tell you a little about us and what we do and who we are.         

MBOI is made up of my wife Kimberly ( The President, CEO, Controller, Painter, Mailler, and Creative
Superpower) who is currently in the process of finishing her teacher degree, and Andrew ( Stock boy
and Mailler ) who is a Senior Estimator for a Heavy Construction Company which is based in New Jersey.
We have 2 boys who keep us running all the time.
We currently reside in Point Pleasant, NJ which is a small beach town on the Jersey Shore.

When creating our chainmaille jewelry and various items we start with raw wire and coil and saw cut our
own rings.
We work in various metals also, so if you see something you like but would rather have it in a different
metal just let us know. We work in sterling silver, copper, bronze, anodized aluminum, enameled copper,
and bright aluminum.
Custom orders are always encouraged, if you have an idea of something special you would like to have
made just Contact Us and we’ll work out the details.

Andrew & Kimberly

Chainmaille By MBOI 

Makin The Best Of It

Kimberly and Andrew

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