Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chained by Blue Buddha

Great book review! Take a peak

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Well our long time friend and member of the forum Rebeca Mojica,  from Blue Buddha Boutique,  is now a published author of what I found to be a  great book about chainmaille. We were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of  “Chained” so that we can give it a once over and make sure that Rebeca didn’t mess up! We’ll she did not disappoint, the first thing I found is that “Chained” starts with the basics and leaves no stone unturned. My wife Kimberly and  I have many other chainmaille books and tutorials that we have collected over the years while creating  jewelry for Chainmaille By MBOI, and the one thing they always forget is the basics. This book goes through the important stuff like how to open and close a jump ring. Simple right? Not so,if you don’t close a jump ring properly your piece will just look like crap for lack of better words. So the art of properly closing a jump ring is just critical if you want to learn how to weave chainmaille