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Featured Artist Dan of Pixel Point Graphics

Featured Artist Dan of Pixel Point Graphics
Pixel Piont on Handmade Artists
“Books are ‘picture frames’ for our words.” What an amazing assessment of books from Dan McKinney of Pixel Point! Even in this day and age of digital, well, everything, there is something to be said about an amazing book; be it the story itself or just the beauty of the binding.
Cupid Journal CoverDan had an unusual childhood that fostered an amazingly creative spirit.  As a child, he had polio which stopped him from being active in the normal childhood activities such as sports.  He was often times left to his own devices to entertain himself within his own physical limitations. He spent hours listening to Wolfman Jack’s illegal radio transmission out of Mexico which inspired him to create his own underground broadcast…which eventually led to a run in with the FCC…but in his words, “Wow, what a trip!”  While he was blessed enough to come through the illness with little permanent physical damage, Dan never lost that drive to create.
After a life of building a career and family, Dan and Mary started a mini-farm in South Carolina, Windward Meadows, where they now have a peach orchard, flower gardens, and vegetable garden.  They grow much of what they eat and sell flowers, fruits, berries and vegetables at a local market.  They also have a brick and mortar shop where they hand pick items that are unique and fun to sell while traveling!
Which brings me to travel, this adventurous couple loves to travel and experience new things.  They recently spent time in the North-West hiking around Yellowstone National Park as well as Glacier National Park where they were fortunate enough to see a Lamar Wolf Pack “training” a new set of pups.  Definitely an experience that will make you stop and look.
Bear Journal CoverWhile Dan has always had a creative soul, it wasn’t until he spent time as a picture framer when he made the connection that the stunning book bindings that you see are actually like frames for the words.  This connection led him to his current passion which is making stunning journals of all types.
Throughout his experience, Dan has come to love the sales side of handmade art.  He enjoys working in his brick and mortar shop as well as traveling to shows.  With this experience has come a wonderfully positive view of selling.  He encourages people to go for it if their passion is to sell their own handmade work, but cautions that you must stick with it!  You did not hone your artistic skills overnight and will most likely not become an instant success in selling.  He asks that you think of selling as another medium to learn and eventually master…same rules apply; experiment, ask questions, and put in the work before you will see success.  In the end, selling is the ultimate validation of your skill
Dan has led such an interesting life and this can be seen in his work.  You can find him at his brick and mortar shop,  Pixel Point in Anderson, South Carolina if you are lucky enough to live in the area.  If not, Dan can be found online on HandmadeArtists, his own website, as well as on Etsy.  You can even check out his latest interests on Pinterest.  While you are browsing his amazing work, be sure to notice the love and care that is put into each and every piece.  I have no doubt that you will not be disappointed.

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