Friday, August 27, 2010

Make your Skin Soft

These look luxurious!

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Fruity Loops Whipped Cream Fluff

Fruity Loops Whipped Cream Fluff

Made with skin softening butters, it's sure to capture your mind, body and soul. Fluffy, light and simply creamy, it's easy to think this came right out of a pastry shop.
With the main components of Shea Butter, Turbindo Sugar, Babassu Oil and Jojoba Oil, your skin will truly thank you.

It take only the use of a small portion to give the greatest benefits. I like to scrub down my dry skin prior to entering the shower, so that none of the goodness is washed away before being used.

This is both vegan and paraben free! Though it does have a small amount of sugar added, it is NOT meant to be a scrub.


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