Friday, August 27, 2010

Love Chainmaille especially Eye Candy

A chainmaille artist worthy of respect, Candy knows her stuff!

Amplify’d from
Romanov earrings

I am such a chainmaille junkie; but there is nothing better than finding a maille artist that really adds style to her work!  Using basic weaves, EyeCandyChainmaille has turned the ordinary into stunning!

Wrapped pendant

Not only does Candy make stunning wearable art with metal, she has an eye for adding gems and pearls in such a way that adds drama and class to already amazing pieces.


On top of being an amazing designer, she has created a wonderful tutorial for her own version of the Persian Cross.  Seems like a cool way to learn a new talent and end up with wearable art in the end.

Persian cross

Ready to see more for yourself?  Check out EyeCandyChainmaille on the HandmadeArtistsShop for yourself and prepare to be struck by how beautiful chainmaille can be.


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