Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cool chainmaille cross kits

Aluminum crosses with bright colors rock. I've seen Eye Candys' work so I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

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Aluminum Cross Kits

Aluminum Cross Kits

They are finally ready! These kits contain all the rings you need to complete the Aluminum Version of the Celtic Cross.
Each kit contains enough rings to make three Crosses and the split rings for keychains. Currently available in 6 colors, so please send me a note with your order letting me know which colors you would like.
Colors are: Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow (Goldeny), Violet

These wonderfully colored Crosses can also be used as ornaments for your holiday decor, or even as necklaces
Please be aware that I do not recommend aluminum of any kind for jewelry use because of the dangers of heavy metal exposure. There is no current evidence showing it to be unsafe but some folks have had difficulties.Read more at handmadeartistsshop.com

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