Monday, January 14, 2013

A Worthy Cause - Help a Disabled Veteran

A Worthy Cause - Help a Disabled Veteran
t’s sad to be able to say that we probably all know a veteran or disabled veteran. What is sadder is that many veterans, disabled or not, are homeless. I don’t like this reality at all, but it is reality. I’ve found an opportunity for us all to give back to these heroic men and women, even if just in a small way.
Hand Knit Hats

Marilyn Kidwell has begun a project called Hats for Our Veterans.  The link will take you to that Facebook page.  Marilyn is encouraging everyone and anyone to donate a warm hat to be distributed to homeless veterans.  There are really no rules on the hats, other than that they be warm.  They can be knit or crochet; they can be fleece; they can be felted; they can be anything your imagination can dream up.  They do not have to be labeled, but they can be if you like.

This project is in conjunction with the Patriot Guard Riders.  They are the ones who will be distributing the hats.  The Patriot Guard Riders is a national organization dedicated to our service men and women.  They assist those returning and support the families of those who do not.
Veteran Parade

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