Friday, September 17, 2010

Weeping Sun makes me Smile

This mosaic is so bright and beautiful that the weeping sun just puts a smile on my face!

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Mosaic Wall Mirror-Tears of the Sun

Mosaic Wall Mirror-Tears of the Sun

The focal point and theme of this mosaic started with the Talavera Sun face. I just loved all the bright colors and continued this throughout the mosaic.

The border is done in honey gold glass tiles along with deep cobalt blue ceramic tiles. I chose to use bright red glass tiles at each corner of the 12" mirror which represents arrowheads.

Cobalt blue mini ceramic tiles are used for the circle surrounding the face as well as the half moon designs at the sides and bottom.

The red mini tiles around the face are also ceramic as are the large diamond-shaped ones which represent feathers.

The tiles for the body were cut from very colorful floral patterned dishes and went perfectly with the bright colors in this piece.
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