Thursday, September 9, 2010

DIY speaks about HAF

Great write up on the Handmade Artists' Forum. Take a peak.:D

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Lorain Blanken

DIY Fashion


Handmade Artists Forum

A lot of us create styles just for fun, but I know there are a bunch of you crafty cats out there who are venturing out into the brave new world of selling your creations online. For this, a little support is needed. When sales are down, your package got lost in the mail, or you are just plain stumped with navigating the selling sites, the Handmade Artists Forum is there to help. This is a group of artisans who come together as a community to share the pitfalls and successes of handmade selling and the creative process.
The 'HAF' also has a shop where members can post their latest creations outside of the usual selling sites, and visitors can browse the many artists and thier goodies. If you are worried about mass-produced goods masquerading as handmade on Etsy or Artfire, this is a good place to buy where everything is exclusively handmade.

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