Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Business tips for the Handmade Artist

Some cool tips in this blog article. Check out the full post

How do I get my shop Noticed?

sterling-and-gunmetal-18-and-1-jap-patternThat’s what I hear and read about all the time, handmade artists want to get there work noticed and just don’t know how to do it. Well there are many ways to get your shop noticed and I’ll hook you up with a few that we at the Handmade Artists Forum (HAF) are trying to do plus a couple of others.

First you need to get your shop name out there, where’s there you ask, well cyberspace, the internet with it’s maze of complexities. Links are one way to get it done as well as blogs. Along with social networking sites. I’ll touch on each of these and explain how the HAF Blog and Forum are helping.

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Sweetwater Designs said...

Beautiful beautiful work..♥
great little flickr video you've got on your other blog and what a nifty tool!
I've never seen one of those..