Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mixed Metals

Check out this they wrote a very nice piece on using mixed metals in jewelry applications. There are some beautiful pieces here including one of ours! Click here to see this piece and others like it with mixed metals
With jewelry, I've always liked things to match. If I worked with glass beads,
all the colors had to be similar to each other in some form. When I started to
like working with copper, all the copper had to be the same shade~ there
couldn't be a mixture of bright and antiqued copper. But I've been searching
around Internet forums and discovered that mixed metals are are very

Here are a few examples of mixed metals I have found on Etsy. I have these
in my favorites list and kinda stare at them every day, like a kid who looks
longingly in a toy store window.
This is a chainmaille bracelet made by MBOI (href=""> . I love
chainmaille, though I don't have any jewelry that has chainmaille in it. It
reminds me of knights of Arthurian times, who wore chainmaile with their armor.
It is a very epic medium. I love this bracelet because of the contrasts of the
brass and the silvery steel.

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