Monday, October 27, 2008

Hand Painted Wedding Gifts and Favors

What a unigue gift for the unsuspecting bride. My personal favorite is the painted invitations, but the glasses are beautiful too. Check it out.

From showers to weddings to anniversary parties, there is always a need for guest favors.  We would be happy to customize a candle, candle cup, frame, ornament, or any other paintable object to suit your special occasion.  Choose your design and colors and give both you and your guests something to remember the day by for years to come.  Please contact us to to discuss the dreams of your day.

Your entire day can be made any way that you envision!
All Special Occasion Orders are custom for you.  Please use the Contact Us page to get started planning your special event.
Hand Painted Wedding Invitation Mat
Create a Piece of Art from Your Invitation
Painted to Match Any Special Day or Add Wedding Rings to the Bottom
Custom Toasting Glasses
Hand Engraved and Painted to Match Your Day
Personalized Votive Favor Cups
Add a candle for instant drama or fill with treats for your guests

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