Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who do you blame for slow sales?

Your Venue? Resellers? Large collectives? Bad economy?
Any and all of the above can and will have an impact on our sales. And since they are out of our personal control, what do you think is the best way to rise above all or any one of them?
handamde cuffLately, I’ve seen so many online discussions in venue forums about low views and lack of sales and blaming it on everything under the sun.  Or saying they have tried everything and work very hard.  And when I look at the OPs’ shops, I see that there is much they could do from the inside out to improve. Without fail, they all have something they could do better.
But, as is with human nature, it’s always easier to blame external forces when things aren’t going well somewhere in our lives.
I’m not sitting on a high horse or standing on a soap box here. I feel what everyone else does. But I’m choosing to deal with it differently.
In my Etsy shop, I had one sale in February. ONE SALE!!! My average months historically have been 8-12 sales. Very low volume, but this is fairly normal for me and I’m good with that.
Having a rough post-holiday season was very, very discouraging.
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Who do you blame for slow sales?

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