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Featured Artist Sue of Tomie Harlene

Featured Artist Sue of Tomie Harlene
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What does a young girl from rather humble beginnings and a subscription to Seventeen magazine do? Learn to sew of course!
orange infinity scarfThis young lady wanted the high fashion that she saw on the glossy pages of the magazine, but finances being what they were, was unable to afford such luxury. Her solution was to use the sewing skills that she learned in Girl Scouts and the can do attitude instilled by her father and grandmother and began creating her own versions of the latest fashions.  Who would have known that a young lady named Sue would one day own the start of her business to Seventeen Magazine and the Girl Scouts!
Sue is a happy mother of one as well as an artist who is currently attending Moore College of Art and Design.  She and her “partner in crime,” Michael love to enjoy life to the fullest and experience new places both near and far.  She seems to have a minor, or not so minor, addiction to fabrics and colors, feeling like a kid in a candy store when she is hunting down new textiles to use in her designs.  Her favorite visual candy is Sari scarves which she upcycles into high fashion accessories.
This talented artisan’s favorite creation is one of those “go to” treasures that every woman can afford to add to her wardrobe…scarves!  Every outfit from jeans to a formal, scarves can add a splash of color and style that is all your own.  The reality is, how many scarves can you actually own and wear?  The rest of us get to benefit from this fact, because before too long, Tomie Harlene was born.
red infinity scarfTomie Harlene is actually Sue’s mother’s name and she is featured proudly on her shop avatar.  A beautiful and stylish woman, she is the inspiration behind all of Sue’s hard work who Sue describes as the “embodiment of everything feminine.”
On this journey, Sue has learned a few things and offers this advice to anyone looking to jump into the world of selling handmade goods, “Go for it!  It’s an amazing journey.”  Basically, if you believe in what you are doing then you have to push.  There are plenty of ups and downs, as I’m sure Sue will attest to, but craft is an evolution and worth the journey.
Are you ready to feast your eyes on one of the most versatile accessories out there made by a determined lady with an eye for design and a sewing machine?  She is not yet selling locally, which is great for those of us that don’t live close by, but you can find Tomie Harlene on HandmadeArtists as well as on Etsy.  You can follow her work and life on Facebook and see what makes her drool on Pinterest.
When asked if there is anything else she wants to tell the world, she summed up her life’s lesson in one line, “life is a journey-enjoy it!”

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