Monday, May 23, 2011

The Handmade Artists' Shop is Reborn

Well we bit the bullet and start all over again from scratch. The first site we started with just didn't cut it, so when went back to the drawing board and concentrated on fast and simple. That is exactly what we achieved, fast and easy to navigate. The new site also has many more features and in some was many less. We concentrated on what was important for making online sales, the answer was simplicity. We are allowing a limited number of vendors to join so get your spot now. The fee is $5.00 a month and no more, there are no listing fees and no commissions charged, Simple!

We are also only allowing handmade items, too many of these handmade type venues are getting sloppy. They allow all kinds of mass produced items, it is like Macy's trying to compete with Walmart. We are not allowing resellers, no un-altered vintage, and no non-handmade supplies are allowed. Basically if you join and try to sell any of the above your shop will be removed with no refund. Sorry to be blunt but we will stick to our Terms and Conditions statement.

Well stop by and check us out the response has been great from all of our vendors. We have been told that the interface is easier than anywhere they have sold before, and most of our vendors have sold elsewhere.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.
Andrew and Kimberly
Handmade Artists' Shop

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