Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Handmade Challenge!

Win $25 cold hard cash to buy whatever you want at the HAFshop, also win this beautiful handmade bear.

Good luck to all the contestants and remember to vote!

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Well this is our second forum wide contest we have hosted and once again we have pushed our artists to their limits . The idea of the music inspired challenge was to have a song or a certain type of music inspire our artists to create a piece that reflects how the music affects them. Music can touch a person in their deepest core, and as you can see from our entries the challenge worked.

The winning member will receive two weeks of free advertising on the Handmade Artists’ Forum, HAF Blog, Chainmaille By MBOI, and Makin’ The Best Of it as well as $25.00 cold hard cash to do with whatever they want!

There is also a prize for voting and leaving a comment! At the end of the contest we will choose one person at random who votes and will give them $25.00 to spend on any item they want on The Handmade Artists’ Shop!

In addition to the $25.00 prize the commenter also will win this beautiful Handmade Little Black Bear by iKnitQuiltSew.

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