Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wonderful Blog Post About The Handmade Artists Forum & Shop

Just thought I would post this lovely blog written by Dream Bubbles! Her comments are very kind! Take a peak at her blog!

New Store Front - Handmade Artists' Shop

A couple days ago I became a full member of the Handmade Artists' Forum which allowed me to set up as a vendor in the Handmade Artists' Shop. Now this may seem like a redundancy as I already have an etsy shop, however after some indepth research I've found several things that make HAF stand out. For starters they support ALL of US; whether you are a seller on Etsy, ArtFire, Zibbet, your own storefront, twitter, facebook or a blogger if you craft with your own talents on any level they support and love you for it. Secondly I don't know of any other format that has the experience and dedication behind it that HAF does, Andrew and Kimberly head up a team that provides round the clock support for all levels of their site. E.g. It's 4am and I just tried to create a new seller profile only to realize that I clicked the wrong link and created a buyer profile instead... emailed their admin page... fixed in MINUTES!

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