Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding Toasting Glasses with Class

Not your everday toasting glassees, if you want that go to some mass produced place. These are great because the possiblities are endless. Multiple patterns to choose from

Custom Wedding Glasses

Posted by Kimberly on Feb 1, 2009 • (0)

Custom wine glassCustom wine glass close up

For any couple that wants to add a bit of their own personality to their special day-this is an easy way to do it!  These custom wedding glasses were made for a darling couple that didn’t want the traditional, mass produced glassware.  Each guest will receive a smoked wine glass that has been hand painted with striking magnolia flowers as well as the couples name painted in gold. 

If you are interested in customizing your special event, send me a note and we will get started adding personality to your day!

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